Welcome to Multiform Tubes

At Multiform Tubes Ltd our goal is to offer the finest services so our clients can adapt tubing to suit their needs. We can cater for a huge array of different applications, including many different industrial ones. One area in particular where we excel is working with water cooling pipes.

Expertise and excellence

We are very proud to be one of the most knowledgeable companies in our industry. Our team have years of experience and a wide range of skills. That means we can offer services to suit any requirements. It also ensures we can anticipate potential issues when working with tubing, including things like springback. As a result we can offer the perfect service.

Our goal is to deliver consistently high quality services. A big part of this is we ensure our team are always learning and expanding their knowledge. On top of that we invest in the very best equipment, including tube bending and manipulation machinery. With it our team can provide accurate services.

Rely On Us

You can rely on us for all of your tube manipulation and bending needs, especially when creating water cooling pipes.

Working With Cooling Pipework

We are especially good at working with tubes for a water cooling pipework.

Creating Cooling Pipework

We can create the most extensive water cooling pipework, catering for entire properties or specific applications.

Extensive Cooling Knowledge

We apply our extensive knowledge and talents to every project that comes our way. This makes Multiform Tubes the ones for cooling pipework.

Latest News

Find out the latest news and events from our company, we regularly post exciting updates and information regarding everything to do with out business here.

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How do we adapt water cooling pipes?

It is quite common for industrial companies to use metal tubing in their water cooling systems. However, standard tubes may not be sufficient. In most cases the sections of tube will need to be adapted. This could be to create curves or angles.

It will also be essential to adapt the ends to help create leak proof joints. A great way to do this is by utilising tube expansion, swaging, and reduction. These three services can adapt the end to suit various needs. In addition, tube beading can be useful too.

Whatever service or combination of them we offer, we always do our best to maximise the accuracy. We want the tolerances to be very tight so there is no risk of issues like leaks or failures.

Talk to us about your needs

Whether it is a simple or complex cooling system, you can rely on Multiform Tubes Ltd. We have built a great reputation and support companies all over the UK and beyond. Every client can benefit from our expertise. They can ask us about services and which would be best for their needs. We can offer guidance and lots of useful tips.

Clients can also rely on us to offer a fast turnaround. We try to keep the lead time as small as possible. This ensures that we can adapt tubes and get them ready to deliver or collect in the smallest timeframes.

So, if you need to make any changes to water cooling pipes, rely on us. You can get in touch to ask us questions about any of our services.

  • Expertise and excellence
  • Most knowledgeable companies in our industry
  • Tube bending and manipulation
  • Can cater for a huge array of different applications
  • Services to suit any requirements
  • Ready to deliver or collect in the smallest timeframes
  • We can offer guidance and lots of useful tips
  • Great reputation

Our Mission

Ours is a specialist business based in the West Midlands. Every technician here has years of experience in the tubing industry. Due to this fact, we have no problem supplying our vast array of services. Each member of our team has the very best training too. As a result they can overcome any issue and offer effective solutions.